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Panels Address on server

When logged in as system user in SiteVision, you can access the settings for the server item. You can then, among other things, create new websites, import websites via SVA files, add directory services etc.

Via Server Properties you will find the categories Common, Search, Integration and Security which in turn contain panels with settings.

The Addresses panel contains settings for the W3C validator and the SiteVision web.

Address server

W3C validator

When pages are published in SiteVision, you can perform a validation check. The check is performed by default against the address You can change the address of the validator, if for some reason you want to run the validation locally. Possible reasons for this may be that editors are not allowed to surf the Internet or that you do not want to send the information to W3C.

SiteVision help

SiteVision has help links to the documentation for modules and functions. You can access SiteVision help via the question mark that is associated with all settings in the editor. You can change the address for SiteVision help. You may want to do this so that users are not allowed to surf out of the editor and the server in order to access the Site Vision help.

The default address for Sitevision help is

Ikonen för att komma till hjälpwebben från redigeringsläget.

Some of what was previously found under Properties on the server has moved to the Administration mode in SiteVision 4.

This function requires you to login as the system user.

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