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Add image size

Add Image sizes

Editorial information


Appears in the image module and blog module as selection of image sizes


Appears as a ToolTip in the image module when you hover the mouse cursor over the filter name.

Use as default in image modules

Tick this box to select the image size as default when new text modules are placed on web pages. Only one image size can be preselected at a time.


Here you set the size according to the same principle that applies when rescaling images in the image module. Setting the maximum width and height means either width or height applies. It is not possible to set an exact dimension that all images are to be rescaled to, that would be disproportionate. If the width is important, enter the correct dimensions for max. width and exaggerate max. height.

These preset sizes can then be used in the image module or in the blog module:

Image module

Pre-defined size in the image module

This function requires you to have "Manage website settings" permission

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