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Swedish e-identity filter

There is now an advanced login module available directly in SiteVision. It allows you to use advanced login methods and rules without having to invest in an external security platform.

When should the login module be used?

  • When AD/Novell is used to log in to SiteVision and the operation of SiteVision occurs outside the customer's own IP network
  • If login methods other than AD/Novell are to be implemented
  • When SiteVision should act Single Sign On portal to other systems/services

How does it work?

In SiteVision there is a connection to Swedish e-identity’s "cloud-based" login services. When the login module in SiteVision is used, the Swedish e-identity login service is called up, which performs the user login process according to the rules defined.


You pay fixed prices for the services that are enabled. No licenses or consultancy hours are added for the services to work. The cost of enabling the login module in SiteVision is paid to Svensk e-identitet.

Login methods

In addition to the following login methods, rule governed login can be applied. That is different login rules that depend on the user's location, role, or landing system for example.

  • E-ID
  • BankID in Mobile (WPKI)
  • Microsoft AD (MS Kerberos / NTLM)
  • SAML 2.0
  • LinkedIn
  • Google (gmail)
  • Google Apps
  • Facebook
  • Myspace
  • Yahoo
  • OpenID
  • Twitter
  • Windows LiveID (hotmail)
  • One-time password via SMS or mail
  • Different Tokens, e.g. YubiKey

 This function requires you to have a license for "Svensk e-identitet".

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