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Other tab


Spacing between articles

Here you can set the amount of space you want between each article. Instead of using line breaks under the Content tab (which is a certain size), you can control the amount of space between articles. The default value is 1.2 em.

 Default spacing

Default spacing 1.2 em

Extra space 2.5 em

Extra space 2.5 em

Extra little space

Extra little space 0.4 em

To change the value, select the up or down arrow. You can also change the unit in the drop down list. Click the down arrow:

Change unit

Module connections

Connect with news menu

If you tick this box, you connect the articles together with a menu that shows them in the years and months they were published.

Tick this box to see only current Month news initially. The visitor can then choose a different month or year to see more news.

You cannot connect the news menu with a news module that is also connected with the events calendar. 

Connect with event calendar

Tick this if you use the News module together with the event calendar.

This allows the News module to show only upcoming events.


By default, articles are sorted by their date of publication (ascending).

Sort by

Choose to sort by other metadata that is set up on the website. These are listed when you click the Sort by link.


Sort in ascending order

Here you can change to descending sort by unticking the Sort in ascending order box.


Use margin settings from font settings

This box is ticked if you want the same margins as you have set on the font on your website. If you remove this setting, you can control the margins from the news module instead.

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