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About subscription

The subscription function allows visitors to report that they want to be notified when news or an update is made on a particular page. For example, those who are interested in what's happening in the IT department can subscribe to a subscription, so that they are notified when something happens on that page. More about how to enable a subscription.

Subscription management in SiteVision

Subscription management in SiteVision consists of three parts:

1. Enable subscription on a page

To enable the subscription of a page or article, the first step is to enable subscriptions under Webpage properties. Here you specify the sender and determine how the notification message should look.

2. Add module to allow the visitor to register as a subscriber

There are three different modules for a visitor to register as a subscriber:

3. Notify subscribers when publishing

When you publish a page, you have the option to notify the subscribers. The message to be sent is entered when publishing.

Subscriber administration

On a page that has an active subscription, an editor has the ability to manage subscribers. It is possible to add, delete, import, and export subscribers.

There is also a module, My subscriptions, where the visitor can manage their subscriptions.

Other information about subscribers


It is possible to use phone numbers instead of e-mail addresses for a subscriber. However, this requires a special license and an activated SMS service.


Subscribers are not included in an export/import. A custom export/import function is available for this purpose.

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