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Quick publish - General




Here you can select the template that will form the basis of the form. Click Select template to select the template. All text and image modules that are below the content area of the template become input fields in quick publish. The template also controls the style sheets and appearance of the article.


Here you can designate the archive in which you want to place the article. Click Browse and designate an archive on the website.



Here you can specify what should appear as the heading on the page with the form. Default is “Create article”.

All modules from the template are mandatory

The heading is always mandatory so that the article you create is given a name. If you want other text and image modules in your template to be mandatory, tick this box. A red star (*) appears by all mandatory fields.

Display mandatory metadata fields

If the archive has mandatory metadata or if the template has mandatory template metadata, you can choose to have the user also fill out these fields. Quick publish first displays the input fields for the text and image modules in the template, and then the input field for the mandatory metadata fields.

With metadata

The module only takes mandatory metadata of the type text field, single selection metadata, multiple selection metadata, date, and keyword.

The page published:

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