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Booking is used for users to book resources such as cars and conference rooms via the website. You can combine the booking with a form where the user can fill in details that may be useful in connection with the booking.


To be able to book, you must be logged into SiteVision.

If you click on a resource e.g. Small room, a new window opens where you see the settings (resource, description, category, location and any images) that are made for that resource:

Skärmdump på bokningsresurser

If you click on a booking (you set different colours for your own and others' bookings) you can see more details about the booking:

When a user wants to book a conference room for example, they browse the correct date, select the correct resource, and click the desired time. A new window opens where the user can choose how long the booking should be and give a description of the booking. Additional information may be provided if you have created a form in connection with the booking.


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