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Contact - Advanced



Use custom template for list of contacts

Here you can change the template and print more values from the directory service of the contact person. The following values can be accessed from the directory service:

  • cn (username)
  • mail (e-mail address)
  • givenName (given name)
  • sn (surname)
  • title (title)
  • description
  • telephonenumber (telephone)
  • ou (department)

Use custom template for form

Here you can change the template to affect the appearance of the form that appears after the visitor clicked on the contact person's name.

Use custom template for message sent

Here you can change the template for how the message appears after the contact form is sent.

Use custom template for visitors without JavaScript

If the visitor has JavaScript turned off, the form is displayed with a different template. Here you can change this to affect how the form is displayed.

 Help with scripts is not included in the support agreement.

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