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Contact - Appearance



Contact name

Select the fonts for the contact person's name.

Contact details

Select the fonts for other information about the contact person, such as for example, title, e-mail address, phone number and mobile phone number.


Select the fonts for the visitor's name, e-mail address, and message.


Select fonts for the modifiable form field.

Error messages

Select fonts for error messages, for example, invalid e-mail address.


Message field height (rows)

Here you set the desired height of the window in number of rows.

Input field width (characters)

Here you set the width of the input field in number of characters.

Spacing between input fields

Here you set the spacing between the input fields. Default is 1 em.

Window’s max height

Here you set the maximum height of the window. The default setting is 500 px.


Mandatory question asterisk

Here you choose the color of the asterisk (*) that indicates that the question is mandatory.

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