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Get contacts from metadata field

Select the metadata fields from which to retrieve the contact person. For example, it might be the person who last published the page or a designated person in the directory service. Metadata field should therefore already be created on the website.

You can only use metadata fields of type System values, Directory objects or Users.

Visible contact details

By default, only the contact person's full name is printed. To see more contact information, tick the fields you want to see. This information must be in the directory service for it to be displayed.


Displays the title of the contact person.

Telephone number

Displays the phone number of the contact person.

Mobile phone number

Displays the mobile phone number of the contact person.

E-mail address

Displays the e-mail address of the contact person.

Only name

Only name is deafult

More information

More information (Title and email)


Include visitor’s IP address in message

By default, this box is ticked so that the user's IP address is sent with the message. If you do not want to track the user this way, untick this box.

If consent is activated, the user’s approval is needed for the form to be submitted. You can activate consent for all forms on Website settings.

In each Form module you can then make other settings, unless you want to use the general setting for the website.

  • The website’s standard text for consent - Automatically prints the consent you have added to the website.
  • Custom text for consent - Here you enter custom text for consent that applies to this particular form. You may just want to change a detail, for example, how long you store the data. You can then use the "Paste standard text" button to have the standard text from Website settings to start from.
  • Consent not activated - Select this if not collecting any personal data with the form. This can be a form where the visitor anonymously submits suggestions for improvements or similar

GDPR The starting point is that personal data processing is permissible only if the data subject has given consent. Read more on the Data Inspection Board website External link, opens in new window.

Consent is saved online in the module, see administration online.

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