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RSS är en XML-standard som de flesta nyhetskanaler på Internet använder för att exponera information.

RSS export

Activate access using RSS from this module

Tick this box to expose this news module as an RSS channel so other web-based news systems can download news from it. RSS is an XML standard that most news channels on the Internet use to expose information. Fill in the fields

  • Title
  • Description
  • Copyright

All fields must be filled in for the RSS to validate.

The RSS link field displays the address. It is this address that the other sites need to have to reach this particular news module.

  • The page must be published for the RSS address to work.
  • You cannot create an RSS feed of an event calendar because it requires a connection to a calendar on the page where the content will be displayed.
  • Any restrictions on the number of characters in the text (Title, Content etc.) do not apply to RSS export. The full text length will be included in the RSS feed.

Use Alias to create a shorter link address for the RSS link. This will make the address easier to remember, and in future you can easily change the source of the alias address (that is, use an RSS link address from another News module) if/when you want.

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