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The Aliases Panel

Here you can create short addresses to different locations on the page or to the entire website. The addresses in SiteVision are made up using the ID that the web page uses in the system. This is quite long and therefore the addresses are relatively hard to read, such as:

SiteVision therefore has a built-in alias function that can be used to shorten the addresses to a "readable format" as follows:

where alias can be "campaign", for example. This address is then attached to the relevant page in SiteVision.

An alias to a web page provides a 302 redirect to the designated page, which is the same as a temporary redirection.

 Screenshot on the Alias ​​panel


The aliases that are on the website are listed here.

Add an alias by clicking the Add alias link.


You can use Alias to redirect a specific address to a sub-branch or sub-page in the structure, for example, if you want a sub-branch to have its own address. A www-alias can only point to a sub-branch or page in the existing structure. Therefore, you cannot create a www-alias to an external link.

To do this, follow these steps

1. Appoint the address to the server where SiteVision is installed. To redirect the DNS, you need to contact your IT department or the supplier you purchased the address from.

2. Set the address as secondary domain of the website that has as the domain name.

3. Under Website settings, go to the Alias tab and add an alias named and point to the page or sub-branch to which the address will apply.

Using a www-alias means that you redirect the visitor by using a 302-redirect.

This function requires you to have "Manage website settings" permission

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