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A-Z list - Selection

The default settings for the A-Z list are that it lists all pages of the website.


Search index

Here you can choose to use a custom search index if you have one. Tick the box and select the search index to use for the A-Z list.


Here you select the types to be listed in the A-Z list: pages, articles, files, images , and/or structure pages. Search pages is ticked by default.


Here you can restrict the search to certain parts of the website, such as a sub-branch or a folder in the file archive.

Select the Restrict structures in search paths check box, and then click the "Add path" link to add a structure restriction.

If you choose a restriction, for example, a folder with pages, the search module ONLY searches in this folder.


You can also set restrictions based on metadata, that the search should only be made on the pages/files that have a particular metadata value.

Tick check box Restrict pages in search check box based on metadata, and then click the "Add metadata restriction" link to add a restriction. A new view appears:


Combining metadata restrictions

Here you can set up a combination of metadata restrictions. If you add multiple conditions, you can decide whether:

  • All conditions must be met
  • None of the conditions may be met
  • At least one of the conditions must be met

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