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Content type

The proxy can work with HTML/XHTML and XML content.

  • HTML/XHTML - In cases where an application should be linked in, you normally specify HTML as the content type. If HTML is selected, input may be partially misformatted, and the proxy will attempt to correct these errors before transforming.
  • XML - If XML is selected as content, for example, if the data in the RSS format is to be transformed, it is important that the input is actually in XML format. Otherwise, the proxy will not be able to perform a transformation.

Content transformation (XSLT)

Here you can influence the contents of the proxy module using XSLT.

The proxy module converts loaded HTML resources to XML, and then applies an XSLT transformation before returning the result to the client browser. XSLT is a standard for how to transform XML, and there is a lot of good material available on the internet about this.

For more information about XSLT and how to integrate web applications using the proxy module, see our Developer Site.

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