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Proxy - General



Preemptive Authentication

If you tick this box, the username and password are always sent in the form of a BASIC Authentication to the underlying application without the application explicitly asking for this information (sends an HTTP status 404).

Use with caution! The username and password will always be sent if you tick this box. Do not use against websites that you do not trust.

Show in edit mode

Causes the result of the proxy to appear in the editor. Otherwise, the following message appears: This module is only shown online.

Only select this when you know that your proxy does not affect the editor! This can prevent the page from being edited otherwise.

Only allow addresses starting with the same path as the base url

If you tick this box, only addresses with the same path as the starting address will work.

Link rewrite scope

Here you add the addresses to which the proxy will rewrite links. Click on the Add scope link to add.

If you have a server named but all images should be included from, this address must be added here. Otherwise, the links to the images will not be rewritten.

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