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User registration

With the User Registration module, users can register themselves to get login information to a web page / website that requires login.

Step 1

In the first step, the visitor must complete their tasks and click on the Continue button. Then step two appears as a confirmation that the data is correct:

Step 2


Here you can click Update to go back to step one with completed fields and change the information you want to update.


Here you can select Cancel to get back to step one with blank fields.

To proceed, click the Continue button. Step three then appears and states that the registration has been received and will be processed:

Step 3

An e-mail is sent to the e-mail address that is specified. The e-mail states:

To confirm your email address, use the link below:

When you click the link, a confirmation appears.

This is a standard example. For example, if you set up a workflow that requires reviewing, there are several steps before a user with log in details is created.

This function requires that you have a licence for Selfservice where the modules User profile, User registration, Forgotten passwordand Change passwordare included.

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