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Web poll - Common



Here you fill in the web question you want to ask. This question then appears in the list.

Click on the Add question link to add a question.

Modify a question

To modify a question, select the question and click the Change icon on the right.

Delete a question

To delete a question, select the question and click the Delete icon (the cross) on the right.

Move a question

Use the arrows to move the queries up or down in the list.

Select question

Select question to be shown

Here you can select which question of the queries in the list to be displayed in the module. This setting is mandatory.

Show a link to earlier queries

Tick this if you want your visitors to get the answers to old web queries. When you enter the next question, the previous question remains and you add a new question using the Add question link.

Clicking Show a link to earlier queries opens a new window with all the queries that were created:

Tidigare frågor

Hide result before voting

If you tick this, the bars with the vote result will not appear before you vote. Only the answer options are displayed first:

Utan staplar

After you have voted, the result is displayed:

Sedan visas staplarna

The page published:

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