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Question form - Form

To create a completely new form, go to the Forms tab and add fields.

Add field

Click on the Add field link to add a field (a question).

Add field

A new view then opens, Add field where you can select from different fields. In this case, Personal details is selected.

Contact information

Enter name and/or description. Select field type, in this case, personal data. Remove the fields you do not want to display, such as Address, by selecting it and clicking the X on the right.

Add another question

To add another question, click on the plus button - either to the right of the existing question to get a question in the same row, or click on the plus button on the row below to get the question under the existing question.

Add another question



If you select a question, three icons appear in the right-hand corner:

  • Edit field - To make an edit to an existing question. For example, correct a typo, add an option or similar.
  • Delete - Delete the selected question.
  • Move field - Moves the selected field. Select the icon and drag and drop the field where you want it in the form.

Field types

The questionnaire has twelve different field types:

  • Text
  • Single selection
  • Multiple selection
  • Comments
  • Order
  • Date
  • User information
  • E-mail recipients
  • Category
  • Participants
  • Scripts
  • SPAM protection with Captcha

After you select a field type, settings appear that pertain to that particular question. All field types have three tabs in common:

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