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Booking - Permissions

Here you decide who has permission to do something to the booking. Two roles are available by default: View bookings and Book.




Here you can see those who have permission to book. By default Anonymous is set to have permission to see view bookings and that everyone logged in has the right to book.

You can also set permissions on resource, category, and location. But if you do, you will need to set permissions on all three. I.e. you cannot just set the permission on resource (you then do not have permission for location and category). Therefore, we recommend that you set the permissions on the entire booking module.


Delete users/groups

If you do not want all logged in users to make a booking but only some users, remove the default setting (with the cross to the right)


To change any role, do so on the Roles tab.

Add users/groups

Add the users who are to have permissions in the module by clicking the Add link. Browse for the user or group to be allowed to book.

If you have write access to the web page, you automatically have the right to administer ALL bookings.

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