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Booking - Frequency

Here you can set time restrictions, ranging from weeks to half hours, when you add a booking.

Add interval


Define how far ahead bookings can be made

Tick the option to set a time when bookings can be made at the earliest. A time restriction can make it easier to manage the bookings.

Define maximum length per booking

Tick the option to set how long a booking may be. A conference room may perhaps only be booked for a maximum of one day.

Define minimum length per booking

Tick the option to set how short a booking may be. A car may perhaps only be booked for one hour.

Booking/cancellation can also be done at resource and category level. To set this up, double-click on the current resource or category, under the Booking or Cancellation tab.

The time for a booking can be entered in full and half hours.

Times that are not bookable

Here you add non-bookable times. For example, if it should not be possible to book a resource over lunch. Click the Add interval link to add times and days that are not bookable,

Add interval
  • Whole day - Select day from the list
  • Enter period - Set when the interval starts (from) and ends (to). Click on the arrows to scroll up or down.

Booking canceled

Under booking canceled, you can set how close to the booking date a cancellation can be made. For example, you may cancel no later than 2 days before the course.

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