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You must publish web pages, articles, links, and websites for them to appear in view mode (for the visitor).


A page can be changed in the editor without the changes being visible to your visitors in view mode. For visitors to see the changes, the page must be published. To do this, click the Publish icon.

This opens a publishing dialogue. Depending on what is set on the page to be published, a number of options are displayed. To publish the page without filling in anything else, click the Publish button at the bottom left.

publiceraknappar i publiceringsdialogen

The Publish and show button publishes the page and goes to the page view mode. Find out more about the other options in the publishing dialogue:

  • The tab General - Date and times - Scheduling of publishing and Best before. Notification of subscribers and Quality control of links, availability and validation.
  • The tab Metadata - Add metadata values

 This function requires you to have "Publish" permission

The page published:

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