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Create table without table type

If you have the "Manage table " permission, you can create a custom table, you do not need to use any of the predefined table types. The settings you make here are only saved for this table.

To create a custom table appearance for this particular table, follow these steps:

1. Right-click on the table and choose Table properties.

2. Delete table type (if any is selected - otherwise Select table type appears) using the small x to the right of the name in the list.

Delete table type

3. Fill in other options such as width, caption and responsive type.

Properties for selected table

 4. Go to the Appearance tab and make your settings for this particular table.


Cell distance (CSS padding)

Cell distance specifies what the distance should be between the text inside the table cell and the inner edges of the cell. The thickness is indicated in pixels or em.

No paddning

No paddning

0.5 em padding

0,5 em padding in table

Stripe colour (odd rows)

If the table contains many columns and rows, the table can be made easier to read by striping the table. Here you select a colour for odd rows. The colours that are set on the website appear in a list.

Stripe colour (even rows)

Here you select a colour for even rows. The colours that are set on the website appear in a list.

Background colour for header cells

Here you select a background colour for heading cells. The colours that are set on the website appear in a list.

To delete a selected colour, click on the X on the right in the list box:



Anna Andersson

Lena Nilsson

Magnus Johansson

Delete background color

Cell margin

Here you can choose between the options No margin or margin.

If you choose no margin, there will be no space between the cells. If you select margin, there will be a margin both to the next row and the next cell.


Tick this box if the table type should use borders. Additional options will then be displayed.


Here you choose where to place the borders:

  • Around - border around each cell
  • Rows - border to mark rows only
  • Columns - border to mark columns only


Here you choose the border type:

  • Solid
  • Dotted
  • Hyphen
  • Double
  • "Groove"
  • "Ridge"
  • "Inset"
  • "Outset"


Here you choose the border colour. The colours that can be selected in the list are the colours that are set on the website.


Here you choose the thickness of the border. Can be set in pixels or em. Click the plus button to increase, or the minus button to reduce, the thickness of the border.

This function requires you to have "Manage table" permission

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