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Create Table

To create a table, select the Table icon in the toolbar or right-click on the text where you want to insert a table and select the option "Insert table".

Create Table

The table icon in toolbox

You will then have to choose how many rows and columns you want in your table to begin with. Select as many rows and columns as you want, however, there is a maximum of 10 rows and 10 columns. Click to create the table after you select the number of rows and columns you want. If you want more rows or columns, click on Other size. A different view appears:

Table - Other size

Here you enter the number of columns and rows you want. The first field is the number of columns and the second number of rows. Enter a value or click the arrow buttons up or down.

Table types

If the administrator has set up table types, the table type that is selected appears as preselected. The idea of table types is for the administrator to decide how the table should look to create a consistent look for the website. Therefore, on the website, the administrator can set:

  • font for title and table
  • borders
  • stripes
  • cell spacing
  • cell margin
  • background colour headings
  • responsive tables

The user can then choose to change the table type (a table type is preselected). To create entirely custom tables (that is, to make the settings yourself in the table module), the "Manage table" permission is required.

Add text to the table

To enter text, select a cell and enter text. Use the tab, arrow keys, or click on a different cell to move to another cell.

The cell becomes wider when you fill in information but adjusts as you proceed to the next cell.

Insert table

To paste a table (for example, copied from Excel), paste it into the text module. If you try to paste it into an existing table, all the information is placed in one cell.

Delete text from the table

Select the cell and erase or overwrite the information contained in a cell.

To delete an entire row/column/table, right-click and select:

  • Delete table - to delete the entire table
  • Row -> Delete row - to delete the selected row.
  • Column -> Delete column to delete the selected column
Delete column

Example - Delete column


At the top of the table is a caption. You can choose to remove (erase) this or overwrite with suitable text for your table.

Table description

If you removed the caption and want to redisplay it, right-click the table and select Table properties and tick the box "Use caption" (printed on the page)

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