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Iframe - General

General Iframe



Full address of the login to the web application to be integrated into the website. The address must start with HTTP or HTTPS.

To find out the address, you can right-click on the login form for the application you are linking in and select View source. In the HTML code, search for <FORM> and the ACTION attribute. There you will find the address to fill out here.


The two methods that can be specified are

  • GET - Shows or downloads something
  • POST - Sends something.


Use custom login (SecretStore)

If the login details of the integrated web application are different from the log in details used in SiteVision, tick this box. The login information (which you enter when you are online) is sent on to the web application where it is saved.

If you tick this box, you must also go to the Parameters view and set parameters.


Show toolbar

If you do not tick this, you will not see the toolbar. The toolbar prints the name of the module as the heading. I.e. if the module is called "My e-mail" then that is the heading.

Set iframe size

Sets a size for the linked content. Then right-click on the module and select Properties -> Appearance-> Width-> Enter a width (and height if desired)

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