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Directory - Common


Directory services

If you do not make a setting here all the directories listed on the website are used. However, if you add a directory, you limit the search to that directory only.

Click on the Add directory service link to add a directory. A new window opens with the directories that are set up on the website.

Select the directory in the list and fill in a search base (if you want different search bases than the one set up for the entire website).

For this to work, the directory service you appoint is required to have the "Allow changes to directory service data.." setting ticked.


This is where you add administrators who will be able to change other people's details via the module.

The directory service requires write permissions for an administrator to modify their or others' data through the Directory module in SiteVision.


Filter (AND)

Here you can limit a search by specifying an additional search filter in addition to the attribute that the visitor normally searches for.

If you want to get a hit on, for example, Surname and those who have an e-mail address in the directory, add a filter for mail here:

Skärmdump på sökfilter

Then search in Directory as usual. All searches are also filtered by the expression under Filter.

Filter expression:

  • ! means NOT
  • | means OR
  • & means AND
  • () means and

Hits per page

If you do not set anything here, you will see all the hits in the list on one page.

If you want the hits to be shown on several pages, you should set this here. For example, if you want two hits per page.

2 hits on every page

Second page

Skip list if hit for a person

This can be ticked if you want to see the results immediately, instead of a list, when there is only one hit.

For example, if the visitor searches for Anna, the result is usually a list:

If you tick this box instead, the result will be displayed immediately when the visitor only has one hit:

One hit

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