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Directory - Advanced

Under Advanced you can change the appearance of most things in Directory if you can manage script languages.


If you make a mistake or change your mind, you can always go back to the default template by clicking Revert to default. 


You can only use the attributes that are in the schedule manager in SiteVision. The attributes differ from one directory to the other. The following attributes adhere to the InetOrgPerson schedule that most directories support (eDirectory, OpenLDAP etc).

  • cn (username)
  • mail (e-mail address)
  • givenName (given name)
  • sn (surname)
  • title (title)
  • description
  • telephonenumber (telephone)
  • ou (department)

Here you can change what you want to search in the search field. By default, you can search by First name,Last name and Department:

Skärmdump på Sökmall


Here you can change the look of the list of results.
By default, First name, Last name, Department, Telephone and E-mail address are shown.

Skärmdump på listmall exempel

If you have set sort on attribute in the directory service, the directory is sorted according to that attribute. To change sorting, click on the heading. 

Error list

If you do not get any hits, an error message appears that can be changed here. The default message is "Your search generated no hits".


In the list of search results, you can click on a name to get more detailed information. In the detail template, you can change how the detailed information is displayed.

By default, First Name, Last name, Telephone, E-mail address and Title are displayed.

Skärmdump på detaljmall


If you want to be able to change the attributes in the directory service, set this here. By default, you can change First Name, Last name, Department, Telephone, E-mail address and Title.

Skärmdump på redigeringsmall exempel

To see the Edit link, the user must have the right to make changes to the directory service. If you do not have the right to make changes to the directory, you will note see the Edit link.  

Error editing

If you do not have permissions to edit, an error message appears that can be changed here.

Saving of changes failed. Please verify right to make entries in directory service.


After you make a change, you will see a confirmation that you changed the person's details. This message can be changed in this template.

The default message is: "<Person's name> has been updated

Print template

Above the list view, you can select a print version of the person search. A print icon appears. You can affect the appearance of the print version in this template.

Clicking the printer icon (at the top) opens a new window with a printer-friendly view:

Utskriftsversion av personkatalogen


Use page with user profile module to show details

If instead of displaying the usual detail template, you want to choose to display the details of a user using the User profile module, you can designate a web page that contains the User profile module

This box"Use user profile to show details" is licence controlled and requires a license for the User profile module.

Help with script is not included in the support agreement. 

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