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Use images

To add an image to the directory, tick this box. In order for this to work, WebDav is required as the function builds up URLs using WebDav.

Image attribute

To display the image, you need to select the image attribute to associate with the image. For example, if you want to use last name (sn) as an image attribute, rename all images to the last name of each person and put all the images in a folder in the image archive.

Image folder

Here you designate the folder that you prepared, in this example, the Personnel folder.

Image file extension

Here you enter the image file extension being used, all images in the folder must have the same file extension.

The result of using images will be that the people who have an image posted in the image archive with the name <lastname.jpg> (in this case eriksson.png) will be shown with an image to the right.

Skärmdump på bild

Default image

Here you can add an image to be used by default (for example, "No photo"). Click on Browse and designate the image in the image archive to display if there is no photo.

No photo

No photo. Default image is used.

Image size

Use original image size

This is preset so that the image module shows the original size of the image.

Adjust image size

If you want to add a smaller variant of the image, you can set the size here. You must specify the maximum width and maximum height. The image will be scaled proportionally.

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