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Activity flow

The Activity feed module displays posts in a feed on the home page, group pages and the profile page. What an employee sees depends on which people and groups they follow or are in.

Employees can write posts in their personal feed and in the groups they are members of. In their posts, they can tag others with @, use emojis, create polls and attach files, images, GIFs. Everyone can edit their own posts and comments.

Those with high-level access (admin role or group admin) can also edit and delete other people's posts.

Employees can also like, share and comment on posts.

The module placed on the start page

An timeline is available on the intranet home pages (2-column and 3-column). Here each user sees posts from their contacts and from their groups.

SC - Start page - Timeline

Module placed on profile page

There is an timeline on the profile page. On your own profile page you will see your activity feed and if you visit another user's profile you will see their feed.

SC - Profile page - Timeline

Module placed on group page

The timeline module is placed in the center column of the group template. Each group page thus displays an activity feed with posts written by members of the group. Users who have access to the group page can then comment, like and share posts in the feed.

Posts from the group are also displayed in the activity feed on the home page for all members of the group.

aktivitetsflöde i mina grupper

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