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The Metadata Fields Panel

Metadata fields are used to limit specific metadata for pages that are based on a certain template. You add the metadata field under Website settings and enable it on one or more templates as needed.

When you enable a metadata field on a template, you can choose which parts of the page you want to use it for. You can choose between:

  • Pages based on template.
  • Files stored on page.
  • Images stored on page.

Find out more on how to enable it under Template properties- metadata field.

Streamline and facilitate with metadata fields

The use of metadata fields streamlines the work with metadata for administrators by centralising the settings. It also facilitates editors by eliminating unnecessary metadata fields.

Mandatory metadata fields

Using metadata fields for mandatory metadata is smart. This is because you know for sure that all pages based on the template where the metadata field is enabled have the forced metadata field when publishing.

Metadata fields for articles

You can use metadata fields on templates for articles, especially if you have several different archives. Activate the metadata field on the template on which the articles are based. If you have multiple archives where you want to use the same metadata, you do not have to add the metadata field to each archive.

Metadata fields that can be attached to templates

Metadata fields can be added under Website settings and the Metadata field panel. Here you can edit, delete, or change the order of the metadata fields.

In the Metadata fields dialog box, you will see a list of the metadata fields available on the website. If you do not see any metadata fields, this is because there are none on the website. Add a new metadata field by clicking the "Add metadata fields" link.


Metadata category

Create metadata categories to help the editors. You can then "bundle" metadata that belongs together, for example, metadata that controls the templates and editorial information.

These categories can then be used to "group" metadata fields and present them together in the editor.

Add metadata category

Click on Add metadata categories to add a category. This can then be used on the metadata field.

Metadata category

Metadata will then be grouped in the view for the editors:


Other metadata categories are closed. As in the example above "Other". If you click on "Other" the category opens with metadata.

This function requires you to have “Manage website settings” and "Manage metadata fields" permissions.

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