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Undo recent changes

The Undo changes function allows you to go back to the appearance and content page you had when you first clicked in the editing area to change something. If you leave the page while you are working, for example, by going to another page in the editor, or by publishing or going online, you can no longer use it.

To do this, follow these steps

Click the Edit icon in the toolbar and select Undo changes. The page will now reload and return to the status it had when you first went to it.

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To undo your most recent change and not everything you've done, you can click Undo in the upper, right-hand corner of the editing area. The blue box appears for 15 seconds after you make a change to the page.


If, for example, you have added a module that you regret and select cancel, the following box appears:


If you check the "Don´t show this message again" box, the dialogue will not appear again the next time you select Cancel. You can also access Personal settings via the icon at the bottom of the sidebar and turn off this warning.

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