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Save versions

Versions is a convenient way to work with the design of new or changed content on a page. Versions also allows you to revert to a page's previous appearance and content, if you want to undo a comprehensive change. All pages are available in at least two versions, a published and an unpublished working version. In addition, there is an automatically saved version of the most recently published version of the page. You may also have up to five automatically saved versions from the latest publications as well as a number of versions that you have actively saved.

You can see which versions of the page you are on under the View icon and the Versions option. There are two types of versions:

  • Saved versions
  • Automatically saved versions

To do this, follow these steps

In edit mode, go to the page you want to save a version of. Click the Edit icon in the toolbar and select Save version.

Egenskaper under egenskapsikonen

A box will appear where you can name your Version. The name of the version will always be preceded by date and time, so you can omit that when naming.

Spara version

Click OK to save.

The page published:

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