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Select the Edit icon and then Translations to enter the translation mode.

You must first add languages for translations to appear in the Edit menu. You do this under Website settings - General - Translations.

Example translations

You now see two views in the edit area. A preview of the original page in the right-hand column and in the left-hand column you can choose to translate the page into one of the languages you have set in Site settings -> General -> Translations.

An icon also appears in left-hand column Translate.

In the drop-down list, select the language you want to create a translation for. A new view is displayed.

Settings translation

New translation


Here the system selects the language you selected in the drop-down list. You can also switch to another of the languages that are set in site settings.

Ensure that you select the exact same variant of languages that you set in web pages, and used when creating language views.


If you use machine translation, the name is changed automatically. Otherwise, you can enter the name of the page with the language you are going to translate into.


Here you choose where to place your translated page. As default it is based on the placement that you selected for the language when you made the site setting.

To post pair the pages, go to the translated page and select Properties-> Settings -> Language off. Appoint the original page.

Use machine translation

This is checked by default if you have set this to be used on the website. But you can uncheck it if you want to do the translation yourself. Learn how to create an account for machine translations here.

Translate part branch

Translates all underlying pages. If you use machine translation, the page names are translated, otherwise you can do this manually.

Export translation information (XLIFF)

Now you can easily export a complete branch to send for translation. The result is a zip file that is downloaded.

This function requires you to have "Manage translations" permission

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