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Delete a web page

To delete a web page, you can click the Edit icon located in the upper, left-hand corner of the toolbar. In the box, select "Delete". Deleting a page sends it to the recycle bin on the website. It also means that visitors can no longer access that page.

Dialogruta för att ta bort webbsida

When you select delete, a security question appears asking if you are sure you want to delete. If you select yes, the page is sent to the recycle bin

Fråga om att ta bort modul.

You can also open the menu for the Navigator by clicking Browse in the sidebar. There you can see the pages of your Structure. Right-click on the page you want to delete and select: “Delete”. The same security question as above appears.

Dialogruta för att ta bort en sida från navigatormenynZoom image

A page that has been deleted and is sent to the recycle bin can be restored by a user with the authority.

Requires "Delete" permission

The page published:

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