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Unpublishing a page means that it is no longer available in the online version of the website. Visitors can no longer access the page via a link or via search engines.  

A non-published page will be marked as "Not published" at the top, right-hand corner of the editing area. In the navigator, you can see that a page is unpublished by an orange mark with a white cross.

Markering för avpublicerad sida

To do this, follow these steps

To unpublish a page, go to the page in the editor. Then click on the Edit icon in the toolbar and select Unpublish.

Egenskaper Avpublicera

If you select unpublish, you are asked if you are sure that you want to complete the unpublishing. Click Yes to confirm, click No to cancel the unpublishing.

Är du säker på att du vill avpublicera sidan?

This function requires you to have "Publish" permission

Unpublish a scheduled page

If a page is scheduled to be published on another date or unpublished on another date, it is marked with a "clock icon". This will prevent you from right-clicking on the page and selecting Unpublish.

You must first unlock the page by clicking on the blue button "Stop publishing". You can then right-click on the page and select Unpublish.

Stoppa publicering

This functions requires you to have "Unlock publishing lock" permission. Otherwise, the blue button will not be visible.

The page published:

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