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Responsive mode

The Responsive mode option under the View icon allows you to preview the page you are on at the breakpoints that are set on the website. You can also see what the page looks like in a number of commonly used screen sizes.

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To do this, follow these steps

Click the View icon and select Responsive mode.

The page will now appear in its entirety, customized for the breakpoint or screen size you selected. Choose how you want to view the page by clicking in the dropdown list and clicking an option. The number of breakpoints in the list and what they are called differs from website to website.

From the icon to the right of the dropdown list, you can toggle between landscape and portrait views for the breakpoint or screen size.

Click the X to the left of the dropdown list to return to the default size.

Responsivt läge, alternativ

When you turn on Responsive mode, you can navigate around the website via menus and links without turning off the mode, all to ensure you have the most realistic experience of the website possible.

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