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Subscription list - Form


Subscription list

Show title

Here you select whether to display the title of the subscription.

Show description

Here you select whether to display the description of the subscription.

Title and description

Enter title and description on each active subscription page under Properties-> Functions-> Subscription.

Input field


"Your e-mail address" is prefilled as a placeholder in the input field. This disappears when you click in the field.

If you are logged in, your e-mail address will be displayed if it is in the directory service.

Permitted values

E-mail address

Validates the input field to e-mail address.

Telephone number

Validates the input field to telephone number. Only available if you have a license for SMS.


Here you choose whether you want to have an image or text as a button.

Standard button

If you choose a text button, the search button will display the text in the field. The default text is Search.

Image button

If choose the image button, you can browse for an image from the image archive to be used as search button.

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