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The SMS Panel

You can set up an SMS service under this tab.

An active SMS service can be used to notify subscribers via SMS for example. At notification, an SMS is sent to all subscribers who have notified their mobile phone number via the Subscription module or Subscriber list module. The SMS service can also be used together with the People search module.

This function requires the customer to have an account with a providers (see which SMS service providers are integrated with SiteVision in the Service list).

Panelen SMS


Activate SMS service

Tick this box to enable the

SMS service

Here you can select the SMS service, there are four suppliers:


Välj sms-tjänst


The username given to you by the service provider


The username given to you by the service provider.

Use custom address

The address of the provider's webservice is normally filled in here by default. This field does not need to be changed, the address is hard-coded for each provider. If you want to re-designate this address for any reason, please enter your own address here.

Send SMS

Click this button to try the settings you have made above. A new window opens:

Skicka sms

Here you enter a phone number and a message to see if the text message arrives with the correct settings.

This function requires that you have a license for SMS, the "Manage website settings" permission as well as an account with an external SMS service.

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