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Timeline - Common

The Timeline module shows the timelines where users' posts line up. The module is usually used on, for example, the home page of an intranet or a group page - places where you want to gather posts from different people.



Show all (own, contacts’ and groups’)

This option is the default setting. It displays status updates for all contacts and groups of the user. This setting is usually used on, for example, the start page of an intranet.

Show only current user's own

Select "Show only current user's own events" to only show the personal timeline. Used on the profile page.

Number of posts

Max number of posts

Set the number of posts to display in the timeline by entering a number. The default setting is 10.


Show input field for status updates

Tick "Show input field for status updates to allow the users to write updates in the module. An additional setting then appears:



Enter a text that is in the input field. The text disappears when the user clicks in the field. The default text for the placeholder is "Post...".

Show menu option for adding bookmarks

Select this to allow the user to add bookmarks to timelines. The user will see a menu to the right of the post. Bookmarked posts can be used for groups and users and appear in the Bookmarked posts module.

Add bookmark

Embed links (Oembed)

This is ticked by default. Only the first link is embedded. But here is it is possible to untick this setting to turn off embedding of links per module.

This module requires the Social Collaboration license.

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