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Search users

The Search users module is used to browse users on the website or to present search results from other modules.

Search results from the Search field for user module

When the module is used to present search results from the Search field for users module, users who are contacts are ticked. For all other users, an "Add as contact" button is displayed instead, which is used to add the respective user as a contact.

Search users

Show in list from the Group members module

If the search is made by a group administrator clicking on the "Show in list" link in the Group members module, existing members of the group will be ticked. Other hits will receive a checkbox where each user can be selected. Click on the "Add to group" button to add ticked users as members of the group.

Searches are made against the users' names and the user fields that are marked as default search fields.

Only users with a social identity appear in the search results.

This module requires the Social Collaboration license.

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