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Expanding menu - Common

Here you determine where to start the menu.


Starting point

Current page

The menu is displayed from the current page.

Custom starting point

The menu always appears from a specific page, such as the Start page. The menu will always display the same contents. Otherwise, the menu will be displayed based on the selected page.

Click the page icon to designate the starting point.

From metadata

If you have a metadata field that is a link type, you can set up different home pages depending on where the visitor is on the website. So you can use the same menu but show different menus, depending on where you are in the structure. For example, if you have a top menu with eight different selections and you want the left hand menu to appear based on the option selected in the top menu.

Follow these steps:
1. Set up a metadata definition of the Link type on your website. Rename it Menu selection for example.

2. Mark the pages from which the menu will appear. For example, to display the menu based on the "Products" page. Follow these steps:

  • Select the Products page in the Navigator.
  • Publish the page and on the Metadata tab , find the metadata field Menu selection.
  • Untick "Inherit value" and browse to the Products page.
Menu start

3. In the menu, select option Use start page from Metadata. Designate the metadata field you created under point 1.

4. Done!

Settings menu start


Maximum number of simultaneous levels

Here you select the number of levels to display at the same time.

The page published:

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