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Add filter

Here you can see whether you want to filter the news and, for example, only show the articles that are tagged with "Music" for the metadata Purchase Category. Click the Add filter link to display the following view:

News Filter


Get from

Here you can choose from which metadata field you want to download from. For example it could be heading, abstract or something else that you can choose under the Content tab.


Then select restriction, i.e. what you want to filter on:

  • contains
  • does not contain
  • equal to
  • not equal to.


Then you fill in a value to be met for the News module to display the result.

 If you add more values, SiteVision interprets it as AND. That is, if a filter is Article abstract contains Golf and another is Article abstract contains Tennis the news module will only show the articles where the abstract contains BOTH Golf and Tennis. 

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