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Add role

Add role

Editorial information


Role name


Possible description of the role to clarify for the editors.


Here you determine the permissions that a role should contain. Tick the rights to be included in the role.

Show resource

Select this option selects if you want users to only see whether any bookings have been made (i.e. no details). They are not allowed to book the resource.

Book resource

If you want the visitor to be allowed to book a resource.

Cancel own bookings

Gives visitors the opportunity to cancel their own bookings

Change own bookings

Gives visitors the opportunity to change their own bookings

Show details about your bookings

You see your own bookings in the booking module. Used if you have a user who is shared by several people and you do not want them to be able to view/change the bookings.

Show details about others’ bookings

Allows visitors to view other people's bookings in the booking module.


Permission to enter and administer all resources, for example cancel other people's bookings, make changes etc.

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