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Add decoration - Toolbar

Here you save settings you make for Toolbars on a module or layout.

Add decoration

A toolbar is a field that the visitor chooses to minimize or maximize themselves. They can then control their layout depending on whether they want to see a lot of information or less.

Here you can make the toolbar settings that are saved in the decoration. Learn more about toolbars.

You can also save a decoration when you create it on a page or template. Make your settings and right-click on a module/layout in the editor and select the option Save decoration. A new window opens where you enter a name for the decoration.

Save decoration

The saved decorations are then displayed in a list on the website under Website settings -> Appearance -> Decorations.

These are also displayed as a list when you right-click on a module/layout and choose Use decoration.

Decoration list

This function requires you to have "Manage decorations" permission. To save a decoration, you also need to have the "Manage webpage layout" permission.

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