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The Followers module shows the people who are following a user.

  • You can only follow a moderated group.
  • Followers do not receive notifications when something happens in the group, only shown in their timeline.
  • They can only read in the group, not write posts or comments.

It is a good idea to place this module adjacent to the Contacts module or Group members module because they are opposites.

Followers are sorted according to the time they were added. New followers are added to the list first.


The number of visible followers is controlled by a setting with a default value is 10. At the bottom is a link “Show all my followers (X)”, which leads to a page where the All contacts module is used to show all followers of the user.

When you move the cursor over a follower’s profile image, a tooltip shows information about the follower. The information you can see is login status, profile image and some user information for the follower. You can also send a message to the follower. If you have not already added the follower as a contact, you can do so by clicking on the Add as contact button.

More information

This module requires the Social Collaboration license.

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