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When you add a contact, posts that user writes in their timeline will be visible in your composite timeline. The user will also be notified that you added them as a contact.

The same is of course also true if someone else adds you as a contact.

Add contact

The profile page usually has a "Add as contact" button, which is used to add a user as a contact. If the user is already a contact, a menu with two options is displayed.

  • Remove contact - Remove the user as contact.
  • Block contact - Block a contact. The user's post will no longer appear in your composite timeline.
Add as a contact

Search person and add contact

You can also add contacts by using the search function for users. When you start typing a person's name, it will automatically make suggestions.

If you've already added the user as a contact, a tick appears in the search results. Click on the user you want to add as a contact to access the user's profile page. Add the contact via the "Add as contact" button, see above.

Show users in list

Click on the "Show users in list" link to go to a page where all users who fit the search will be displayed. Then click on the "Add contact" button to the right of the relevant user to add the contact.

Users marked with a tick are already added as contact.

Sök fram kontakt

These modules require the Social Collaboration license.

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