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Directory services, permissions, and create new user?

It may be difficult to get to the right place in the new interface to add permissions, make settings in the directory service, and create new users in the directory. Here is a quick guide.

1. First, connect to the server item in your directory service.

2. Then, choose to link to one of the Directory services on your website. Do this under website settings -> Security -> Directory service.

If you have difficulty entering the right search base, look at how the directory service is made up under the Users panel.

3. Once the directory service is linked, you can add permissions to the pages. This will determine which people in your organisation should have editor rights on which pages. To do this, select page properties -> Security-> Permissions.

We recommend that you work with groups to facilitate your administration.

4. If a person is not in the directory service, you can create them under Website Settings -> Security -> Users.

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