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Add item

If you have the right to create new users in the directory service, you can do this under this panel. Search or browse to the folder where you want to add a user.

Lägg till objekt

Then, right-click on the folder where you want to add the user, and select Add item. A new view appears where you can add information. You can select different item types at the top of the list:

Välj objekt

Add user

Login details

  • Username - must be unique
  • Password - must be according to any applicable policy, for example at least 6 letters/digits


Fill in the relevant fields.

Lägg till användare

This requires that you have the right to fill in the directory (see Directory service settings).

Add group

Lägg till grupp


Give the group a descriptive name


Click the Add user link to add members to the group. A new window opens where you can search or browse users. The group then receives the following icon:


To create a group, you must give it a member at once. You cannot create empty groups.

If the group is empty, the following message appears:

Felmeddelande vid tom grupp

Add folder

Enter a name for the folder.

Lägg till mapp

The folder is then displayed in the list.

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