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The Files module is used on group pages to display files that are in the group. The files are sorted by modification date, which means that the recently modified or added files are at the top.

When the cursor is moved over a file in the list, a "Download" link is displayed to download the file. If you click on the file name, you will see more detailed information about the file on a page with the All files module.


The number of visible files is controlled by a setting with a default value of 10. At the bottom is a link , "Show file archive " which leads to a page where the All files module is used to display all files in the group.

Members of the group will also see a "plus sign" for uploading new files.

The "Download" link works differently depending on who the user is.

  • Visitors - The confirmed version if available, otherwise the latest uploaded version.
  • Group members - The latest uploaded version.

Search all files

At the top of the module is an input field where search words can be entered to search among all files in the group. The search takes place both on the name of the files and on the contents of the documents. If characters are in the search field, the module will only display the search results.

Because the listing of the most recent files depends on SiteVision’s search index, the group page where the module is located must have the setting Displayed in search results.

This module requires the Social Collaboration license.

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