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Group members

The Group members module is used on group pages to show which users are members of a group. Users are sorted according to the time they were added, new members are first in the list.

In connection with the Group members module, you can place the Followers module. You can then see which users are following an open or moderated group.

Group members

The number of visible members is controlled by a setting with a default value of 10. At the bottom is a link “Show all members (X)”, which leads to a page where the All group members module is used to show all users who are member of the group.

Add member

Group admins can use the module to add new members. Clicking the "+" button will bring up a dialogue box to search for users. For more information about the actual search, see the documentation for the Search field for user.

At the bottom of the search result, a link appears, "Show in list", which leads to a page where the Search user module is located. With this module it is possible to simultaneously add multiple users as members of the group.

This module requires the Social Collaboration license.

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