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The Shortcuts Panel

Here you can make settings for Article shortcuts. You can access the website settings from all pages in the structure, assuming that you have the appropriate permission.

Article shortcuts allows you to create a quick shortcut to create articles in a designated archive. The user accesses the article shortcut directly via the plus sign that appears in the editor menu.

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To do this, follow these steps

To create an article shortcut, go to the Article shortcuts panel. ClickAdd to create the shortcut.

Article shortcut settings

In the dialogue to create the article shortcut, you can enter a name, a description, and designate which template to use when creating the article. You also designate the archive where the article will be stored.

Create article shortcut


The name of the current article shortcut. You can create different shortcuts to different archives and there are several shortcuts to choose from, these are displayed in a dialogue box after clicking on the icon.


Clarifies the purpose of the shortcut and describes to the user what the function should be used for.


Designate the template to use for the current article shortcut.


Designate the archive where the article will be created.

Once the settings are made, users with permission to create articles in the designated archive will see the icon for the article shortcut in the editor's menu.

Ikon för artikelgenväg i onlineläget

To create an article, the user must have the "Read" right on the template on which the articles are based.

This function requires you to have "Manage website settings" permission

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